N.J. Workers Owed Millions in Unclaimed Back Pay

According to the U.S. Department of Labor (as reported in North Jersey.com), there is over $7,000,000 in back pay sitting unclaimed in their Philadelphia.  This money is being held on behalf of approximately 10,000 New Jersey workers.  The unclaimed money was collected over the past three years from employers who were investigated or prosecuted for wage and hour violations.  If you believe you are owed back pay from a U.S. DOL investigation or complaint, you can check the agency’s “Wages Owed Workers” site and type in your employer’s name and location, followed by your own last name and first initial.  Since the website’s launch in June, approximately $800,000 has been claimed.  But act fast.  If you don’t claim your money within three years, it will go the U.S. Treasury.