Papa John’s Found Liable for Wage and Hour Violations

A New York court has ruled that a Papa John’s pizza franchise owner has to pay approximately $2,000,000 for underpaying hundreds of its delivery workers.  The court found that New Majority Holdings and its owner, Ronald Johnson, violated wage and hour law by rounding workers’ hours down to the nearest whole hour (thereby not paying them for fractions of an hour), paying them the lower “tipped” minimum wage although they had many non-tipped job duties, not paying them overtime pay, and not reimbursing them for buying and maintaining their bicycles.

It seems to me that fast food workers have a hard enough time making a living without their employers taking further advantage of them by violating wage and hour laws.  Kudos to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and his team for prosecuting this case and highlighting the plight of fast food workers in New York City.