Dunkin’ Donuts Sued for Failure to Pay Overtime to its “Assistant Managers”

A class action lawsuit has been commenced in Pennsylvania against Dunkin’ Donuts based on its failure to pay overtime to its “assistant manager” employees. According to the lawsuit, the assistant managers, who work more than 50 hours per week, perform such “non-exempt” duties such as baking, serving, cashiering, and cleaning. Thus, according to the lawsuit, these employees are entitled to overtime pay. Further, the employees allege that Dunkin’ Donut falsified their time records so that they would only reflect a 50 hour work week, although they frequently worked up to 60 hours per week. Considering the number of hours worked by these assistant managers, they made less money per hour than their staff.

These types of business practices are not only illegal but unfair to competing businesses who adhere to the minimum wage and overtime laws. Moreover, these types of practices hurt the economy overall by reducing the spending power of working class employee-consumers who contribute greatly to the economic activity of our country.

If your employer calls you an “assistant manager” but requires you to cook, clean, serve and cashier as part of your duties, without any overtime compensation, you should seek legal advice on whether you may be entitled to overtime. As the “lead plaintiff” in a class action lawsuit, you are entitled to extra monies if the lawsuit is successfully resolved.