Employees Told Not To Gamble on Job Security at New Casino

Revel Casino, soon opening in Atlantic City, has announced an unusual policy of setting term limits on certain employees. The Casino will be setting term limits of four to six years on front line employees, which includes employees who would have face time and/or interact with guests in any way such as dealers, waiters, or bellhops. The Casino comments that the policy will ensure that highly professional staff will be attracted to work for them.

The term limit policy has been met with some criticism. One employment lawyer from Philadelphia points out that the policy may be a way for the Casino to age discriminate in a low profile manner as the policy allows the casino to regularly clear out older employees.

This is yet another example of employers taking advantage of a tough job market. Atlantic City casinos have recently let go many employees who will not be deterred from applying to Revel despite the term limits. They reason that a job with term limits is better than no job at all. The Casino is expecting to bring in 2.4 billion in revenue and provide 5,000 full time jobs. Many hope that the Casino helps revive Atlantic City which has been struggling to maintain jobs.