Hospital Executive Collects Large Severance Package Before Employer Declares Bankruptcy

Weeks before Hoboken University Hospital filed for bankruptcy, records show that the City gave former Chief Executive Officer of the hospital a severance package which included $600,000 in pay and one year of medical benefits.

The Hospital, which is owned by the City of Hoboken, is about to be sold to a group who runs the Bayonne Medical Center. The Hospital has been in significant financial trouble and has a debt of approximately fifty million, which it states it cannot pay. Of this debt, 1.9 million is bills and 1.45 million is owed to employees’ pension and health funds. A union leader stated that the employees of the hospital almost lost their health insurance after the hospital failed to meet insurance payments.

City and union leaders are appalled at the severance package and believe the hospital’s priories are not in order. Beth Mason, a city councilwoman, stated that it is a disgrace that a golden parachute was given out while nurses were not getting paid.

Meanwhile, the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority stated that the CEO met all of the conditions under his contract before being terminated and therefore is entitled to the severance package.

Whether the severance package given to this executive was warranted or not is a complex issue and dependent on several factors. Severance agreements can be complicated and should be negotiated by an experienced employment attorney.