Software Company that Violated H1-B Visa Law is Fined and Punished

Peri Software Solutions, Inc., a Newark-based computer consulting company, has agreed to pay more than $765,00 in back wages and penalties to workers for violating provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the U.S. Labor Department announced today. The company was investigated by the Department of Labor for alleged violations of the H1-B visa program — a program that allows qualified foreign-born workers to take employment in the United States so long as they are paid the same as American workers. The Labor Department alleged that Peri Software had improperly compensated its H1-B employees and not displayed the appropriate documentation in its offices.

According to the Labor Department, the company will pay nearly $640,000 in back wages and interest for 67 employees under this program. The company must also pay nearly $127,000 in penalties for failing to provide notice of the filing of labor condition applications in the offices where the employees worked. Peri Software is also prohibited from participating in the H-1B program for one year.

This firm has handled dozens of similar cases on behalf of H1-B workers. The modus operandi of companies like Peri Software is to recruit overseas workers with promises of great pay and job stability. Then, when the employee leaves his homeland and moves to the United States, he finds out that the pay is much less and the job stability is zero. At that point, however, the employee has already signed an onerous contract which greatly restricts his ability to find new employment. When the employee moves to a new job, the company files a lawsuit against him. These practices are despicable and I am very glad that the Department of Labor has come through with a big win. Hopefully, other New Jersey consulting firms take notice and begin to bring their practices in line with the law.