New Jersey Sheds Another 17,000 Jobs in March

Unemployment rates in New Jersey continued to rise in March, according to a recent press release from the Department of Labor. March was the 14th consecutive month of job losses in the State. The biggest losses occurred in the leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, manufacturing, and trade, transportation and utilities sectors.

Personally, I don’t need another press release from the State telling me how awful things are out there right now. I hear it every day from the good people who contact me for help. Unfortunately, it appears that many employers are using “the economy” as an excuse to get rid of employees they don’t like. And a few of those employers don’t like people who are the wrong color, age, religion, or who come from the wrong countries. If you have been terminated recently, give some thought to the reason why your employer chose you instead of your coworker. If you need further advice on this subject, don’t hesitate to contact a competent NJ employment lawyer, and please do not sign anything until you have a lawyer look at it.