UMDNJ’s Bryant to Face Trial in September

UMDNJ was back in the news last week as former State Senator Wayne Bryant lost his application to have all federal bribery charges against him dismissed. Sen. Bryant is alleged to have held several “no show” jobs for UMDNJ in exchange for boosting state funding for the school. U.S. District Court Judge Freda Wolfson denied Bryant’s application to dismiss all charges and set a trial date for September 8, 2008.

Judge Wolfson’s ruling indicates that the remaining charges against Sen. Bryant are legally sound, although the ultimate issue of guilt or innocence will be decided by a jury. Whether or not the jury convicts Sen. Bryant of bribery, the State of New Jersey’s esteemed medical school has taken yet another serious blow to its credibility. It remains to be seen whether the University’s new President can take the school in a different direction. For the sake of all New Jersey taxpayers, I hope so.