Retaliation is Human Nature!

My jaw hit the floor when I read that an experienced New York employment defense attorney had come out and publicly stated that “retaliation is human nature.” Judith Moldover, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney of the Lawyer’s Alliance of New York, made the statement to a group of human resources professionals at a recent conference sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management. Ms. Moldover, who spent the majority of her career defending employers, most recently at mega-firm Ford & Harrison, warned the HR crowd that retaliation claims are on the rise because there is an almost “irresistible urge to strike back” against employees who complain or file lawsuits against their employers. You bet there is!

Finally, a defense attorney admits what me and my clients have been saying for years. I spend all day trying to convince defense attorneys that their clients have retaliated against mine. They look at me like I have three heads. “My client? Retaliate against yours? Absurd!” they say. Now I know what they are really thinking. “Oh shoot, not again. Medic!”

I applaud Ms. Moldover for her candor and I hope employers hear her message, i.e., that because retaliation is human nature, employers need to make preventing retaliation second nature.