Jevic Shutdown Leaves Workers in the Lurch

Jevic Transportation laid off 1,200 workers in Delanco, NJ today, without adequate notice, without severance pay and apparently, in some cases, without their last paychecks. Jevic’s conduct appears to violate NJ’s “mini-WARN” statute, which became effective on December 20, 2007. Under this law, employers with over 100 employees are required to give 60 days’ advance notice to employees who are terminated in a mass layoff or operation shutdown. The Company’s failure to pay their workers their lawfully earned wages on the proper payday violates the New Jersey Wage and Hour Law.

Said State Sen. Diane Allen, who recently spoke at a gathering of the laid off workers, “[u]nder our law these employees should be given one week of severance for every year they have worked. And they should have been given 60 days notice so they had time to find a new job and get acclimated and get new health insurance. What happened is these people were just thrown out on the street.”

My heart goes out to the families of the affected workers. I hope they land on their feet quickly and obtain the benefits they deserve under law.