NJ Issues Notification Form for Employers Who Lay Off Workers under the Mini-WARN Statute

New Jersey’s “mini-WARN” statute, which became effective on December 20, 2007, mandates that employers with over 100 employees give 60 days’ advance notice to employees who are terminated in a mass layoff or operation shutdown. The New Jersey Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development has recently issued a summary of the law and a Notification Form which employers can use when planning and executing a mass layoff of its employees. The link to the form is here: http://lwd.dol.state.nj.us/labor/forms_pdfs/lwdhome/Legal/LayoffNotificationForm2_31208REVDD6.pdf

Employees who have been advised of a plant shutdown or mass layoff should consult this document to make an initial determination of whether the event falls under the mini-WARN statute. The penalties for violating the statute include paying each affected employee one week of severance pay per year of service, in addition to any other severance payment they may receive. Certainly, if you believe your employer and the layoff are covered under the statute and your employer has not followed the advance notice requirement, you should immediately contact my firm or another decent plaintiff’s employment attorney. You may be entitled to substantial benefits. If you are an employer who is planning to lay off workers, I suggest you consult an employment attorney well in advance of the layoff and take all steps necessary to comply with the law. Otherwise, you may be hearing from me.